Dental Hygiene Trio

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The All-in-One Toothbrush & Tongue Cleaner is a toothbrush with ultra-soft nylon bristles on one end with the four-tiered tongue cleaner on the other. To attack bad breath and odor-causing bacteria at the source, the tongue cleaner is designed to brush and scrape debris present on the two surfaces of the tongue.

Designed to avoid unnecessary bacteria, BAO TEA also launched a hygienic holder, the Universal Manual Toothbrush Holder, to protect, secure, and elevate any manual toothbrush by using the holder’s suction-grip cups to allow the toothbrush to hang on a mirror, in a drawer, a medicine cabinet, or the shower while at home or traveling.

Elevate your oral health and bathroom style with the benefits of the All-in-one Toothbrush & Tongue Cleaner in a hygienic Universal Manual Toothbrush Holder so you can store it together.